Fresenius Plasma Flux P2 Dry Dialyzer

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               Fresenius Plasma Flux P2 Dry Dialyzer is a single use dialyzer. Unlike Fresenius Fx8 and Fresenius F6hps dialyzer ,Fresenius Plasma Flux P2 Dry Dialyzer  is used specially for plasma filtration .

                Plasma filtration is a process to extract low molecular waste products from blood. Normally kidneys do this process of  extraction through glomeruli (Special type of tissue in kidney) from blood to urine. But when both kidneys fail to do so normally dialysis is required. 

                Plasma filtration can be used in all conditions where plasma separation is indicated just like autoimmune disease, metabolic disease, endogenous and exogenous intoxications.

                 In Fresenius Plasma Flux P2Dry Dialyzer, the membrane used is polysulfone. 


The technical data of Fresenius Plasma Flux P2 Dry Dialyzer are given as follows:

        Membrane material  :  Fresenius Polysulfone

       Inner Diameter : 330 µm

       Wall Thickness :65  µm

      Housing Materia : Polycarbonate

      Potting Compound : Polyurethane

      O-ring : Silicon

       Maximum Filtrate Flow : 30% effective blood flow

       Effective Surface Area : 0.6m2

     Sterilisation Method : Inline Steam

     Sieving Coefficient :   Albumin >= 0,90

                                            IGM >= 0,90

                                            LDL >= 0,90

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