Blood Tubing Vital


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Blood Tubing Vital

Blood Tubing Vital is used for hemodialysis. This is a single use blood tuning .

The material used to make this product is medical grade PVC, PP,PE  and macromolecular material. This product is free from latex.

Its is the cheapest blood tubing available in India. The build quality is great of this tubing.

The product is consists of two line, one is red Arterial line and another is blue Venous line.

This tubing is transparent, soft, smooth and non-kink and which ensures the good liquidity of the tubing. The filter in the venous chamber cam prevent the blood clot when going into the patient’s vain.

This tubing can be used with both high flux and low flux dialyzers. This easy to use blood tubing has great customer review.

It is recommended that before use to the product proper priming should be done on the product with saline so that all air can be removed properly.

This tubing is feasible of all types of fresenius  4008 , nipro machine.

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