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Fresenius F6HPS Dialyzer

Fresenius F6 HPS

35% off

₹ 750.00

Fresenius Fx8 Dialyzer

Fresenius FX8

Price Drop!!!
₹ 1464.00
57% off

₹ 630.00 

Fresenius f60s

Fresenius F60S High Flux

₹ 3092.00
53% off

₹ 1420.00

Nipro Dialyzer

Nipro 13 M

59% off


Fresenius P2 Dry

Plasma Flux P2 Dry

₹ 19044
53% off

₹ 8736.00

Dora B14P Dialyzer Image

Dora B14P

₹ 1400.00
75% off

₹ 350.00

Blood Tubing AV Set

Fresenius Blood Tubing Zevoset

Fresenius Blood Tubing

47% off


Vital Blood Tubing

Vital Blood Tubing

62% off


Dual Lumen Catheter Kit

Double Lumen Hemodialysis Catheter Kit

Double Lumen Catheter Kit

60% off


Double Lumen Catheter Kit Straight

Double Lumen Catheter Kit Straight

60% off


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