Fresenius F60S High Flux Dialyzers


The Fresenius dialyzer F60s is in the category of High Flux Dialyzer.  Its ultrafiltration coefficient is 40. This dialyzer extract the high amount of urea and creatinine from blood.

It provide high degree of safety during each and every treatment. Also its design structure for maximum efficiency.

This dialyzer uses Polysulfone,a kind of performance thermoplastics which make this dialyzer perfect for international standard.


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The performance data of Fresenius F60s High Flux Dialyzer are given below:

Clearance: QB: (200ml/min)

Urea: 185

Creatinine: 172

Phosphate: 170

Vitamin B12 : 118

Also the material and effectiveness are given below:

Ultrafiltration coeff.:5.5 (mL/h x mmHg)

Effective surface area: 1.3 (m²)

Blood priming volume: 82 (ml)

Membrane material : Fresenius Polysulfone®

Housing material : Polycarbonate

Potting compound : Polyurethane

Sterilization method : Inline Steam

Additional information

Weight .280 kg
Dimensions 32 × 10 × 5 cm


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