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Woman getting kidney dialysis


              Hemodialysis is a medical procedure which is a type of dialysis to treat those  people who have chronic kidney disease or whose both…

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post dialysis care

Post Dialysis Care

          Post dialysis care is the care which is taken after dialysis. Dialysis is a process where excess fluid and waste products are removed from your…


Helixone Membrane

           Helixone membrane is a type of synthetic membrane. This is one of the advanced  polysulfone membranes which is  commonly used in hemodialysis dialyzers. Hemodialysis or…

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dialyzer membrane

Dialyzer Membrane

A dialyzer membrane or a dialysis membrane is a semipermeable membrane which is used in the process of dialysis. Semipermeable membrane is a kind of membrane which allows certain molecules…


What is Anemia?

When your body has lower red blood cell and carrying fewer oxygen to the tissue then this condition is called Anemia. In this situation the tissues got less oxygen specially…

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