Six features of Fresenius Dialysis Machine

Fresenius Dialysis Machine

Fresenius Dialysis Machine are the best dialysis machine in its category. There are lots of category of these machine.

Over last few decade the dialysis machine of Fresenius medical care has providing some extra ordinary features compare to other machine. Below are the best six features of Fresenius Dialysis Machine.

1.Firstly in Fresenius dialysis machine the system is heaving a completely scientific structure compare to other machines. In Fresenius the electronic part is in the up side and hydrolic part is in down side so if any leakage occurs in huydrolic path it never effects the electronic part and no short circuit can be occur.

2.In Fresenius 4008s machine which is most commonly used all over India has three different dialysate flows 300/500/800,so doctors can use it in different way with the patient.

3. The UF pump which is used in Fresenius dialysis machine is very high quality and do ultra filtration in a appropriate way with 99% accuracy.

4.Blood pump rate can be varies from 0 to 500 so it is eay to deal with a patient with normal blood flow and a patient which is in critical condition.

5. Fresenius machine use an extra Filter named DIASAFE which is a 0.1 micron filter used to maintain the conductivity and to filter the microbiol present the fresh dialysate water which is heaving to pass to the dialyzer.

6. Bibag it is an extra feature where the technician need not to prepare any bicarbonate fluid.In bibag  machine will create B part automatically and only the A part need to supply from externally.

Since bibag prepare the bicarbonate fluid automatically so there is no chances of cross contamination in Bibag.

These are some few features in Fresenius dialysis machine.

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