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Dialyzer for Hemodialysis

Best dialyzer for hemodialysis


Dialyzer is a product by which impure blood can be purifies same as kidney do for you. It reduces toxins and remove water from blood when your both kidneys are failed. The process by which it is done is called hemodialysis.

Best dialyzer for hemodialysis

There are lots of dialyzer available in the Indian Market. Some are cheaper in price and some are best in quality. Here we discuss three most useable dialyzer in India where you can get best results.

Dora B14P Dialyzer :

Dora B 14P is a single use dialyzer and it is an hollow fiber dialyzer. The material used for this is polyethersulfone which gives you the best dialysis in its class. This dialyzer has an big surface area compared to others. It has 1.4(m2) of surface area which is big as compared to other dialyzer. It also has better clearance of urea , creatinine, phosphate and vitamin B12 .

Overall from the rate prospective and quality prospective this is the best dialyzer.

Reusability :

Although it is an single use dialyzer but it can be used as multiple use also. To reuse this dialyzer rinse the dialyzer with RO water and disinfectant. Also it should be checked that the dialyzer has some blood clot inside . If any blood clot occur inside the dialyzer it cannot be reuse. It is best to make the dialyzer reusable with the help of dialyzer reuse machine.

Dora B14P Dialyzer

Fresenius F6HPS Dialyzer:

This is a multiple use dialyzer. This is the best dialyzer in its class as compared to quality. This dialyzer provide best dialysis (hemodialysis). It has an effective surface are of 1.3(m2) with ultrafiltration coefficient of 5.5 (mL/h x mmHg). Membrane material used in this dialyzer is Fresenius Polysulfone.

Reusability :

This is a multiple use dialyzer . For best result it can be reuse three to five times of dialysis with single dialyzer. It can be reuse with the help of RO water , disinfectant and with the help of dialyzer reuse machine.

Fresenius F6 HPS Dialyzer

Fresenius FX8 Dialyzer:

Fresenius Fx8 is a single use dialyzer. This is the best FX class dialyzer for single use. It uses polypropylene for housing material. So it makes the dialyzer lighter. It has also higher in surface area which is 1.4(m2) with ultrafiltration coefficient of 12 (mL/h x mmHg). The internal membrane design gives minimal loss of blood component. The membrane material Helixone is used which is the best and latest material and provide you the best dialysis ever.

Reusability :

This is a single use dialyzer and so you cannot use for multiple times.

Fresenius Fx8 Dialyzer
Fresenius Fx8 Dialyzer

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