Helixone Membrane

What is helixone Membrane ?

        Helixone membrane is a type of synthetic membrane. This is one of the advanced  polysulfone membranes which is  commonly used in hemodialysis dialyzers. Hemodialysis or dialysis is a process where the waste product and excess fluids are removed from the patient’s body when both kidneys are failed or not working properly.

         These materials have a unique spiral structure that allows better filtration of small molecules and more efficient removal of waste products. Also helixone membranes have a higher flux rate compared to traditional dialysis membranes , so it can remove more waste products in a shorter period of time.

         This is the most advanced material used as a dialyzer membrane. By the use of helixone membrane in dialyzer the quality of dialysis has improved and also it improved the quality of life of the patients. 

         Nanotechnology membrane fabrication procedures provide a helixone membrane with a highly defined pore structure and distribution at the innermost separating region of the membrane . 

        The pores of the helixone membrane are smooth and cylindrical in shape which gives better performance compared to conventional pores which were rugged and uneven shapes. 

        Helixone membranes are specially designed to use in high as well as low flux dialyzers. 


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