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7 Post Dialysis Care Tips

What is post dialysis care?

          Post dialysis care is the care which is taken after dialysis. Dialysis is a process where excess fluid and waste products are removed from your body when both your kidneys are not working properly or failed. It’s a life saving treatment for those people whose kidneys have failed. So after a dialysis treatment it is essential to take care of yourself to avoid complications. Below are 7 post dialysis care tips:

  1. Rest and Relax : After dialysis you will feel tired or weak. It is essential to take rest a few hours or take a sort nap so that your body can work properly
  2. Drink Water : Dialysis removes your excess body fluid from your body and so you have to drink enough water to avoid dehydration but do not cross the doctor’s prescribed amount of fluid .Always drink fluid or water as recommended by your doctor.
  3. Blood Pressure : After dialysis your blood pressure may decrease instantly and you will feel dizzy or faint. Always check your blood pressure regularly and contact the doctor if you notice any unusual symptoms.
  4. Diet: When you are going through dialysis your doctor prescribes a special diet for you. Your doctor will provide you with limitations of your sodium or potassium intake . So It’s essential to follow these restrictions to keep your body healthy. 
  5. Exercise: Regular exercise is essential for overall health. But it is also essential to consult your doctor for starting exercise, specially after dialysis or if you have kidney disease. 
  6. Meditation : You should take your prescribed medication by your doctor on time. If you experience any side effects or have any problem you should consult your doctor immediately specially after dialysis.
  7. Scheduled Appointment : Always visit your doctor regularly to be healthy after dialysis. 

         Post dialysis care is more important when you lose both of your kidneys. You always visit your doctor regularly and keep following his advice. Also if you feel any problem such as headache , dizzy or faint during dialysis you should immediately inform your technician or doctor. By doing so you can improve your quality of life and reduce the complications.

Also some of the dialysis mantra are given below

  1. Always try to maintain your ideal weight
  2. Always know your heart health
  3. Take the supportive drugs are must
  4. Regular test in dialysis is mandatory 
  5. Adequate nutrition and diet along with supplementation if required.

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