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Fruits that are Good For Your Kidney

There are lots of fruits in Indian market , some of which are Good and some of which are bad for your kidneys. All kinds of fruits has some kid of nutrients which keep us stronger and increase immune system. Fruits are full of nutrients. Some have more potassium and some have less. So depending upon nutrients some food are good for your kidney and some are bad for your kidney , if you are a CKD patients. 

Below are some Fruits that are good for your kidney and are easily available in market especially in India.

  1. Apple: Apples help to lower cholesterol and blood sugar and also it reduces constipation. One medium size apple contains approximately 158 mg of potassium and 10mg of phosphorus. Apples are easily available in India almost all the time.
  2. Grapes: Another great source of antioxidants present in easily available fruits is Grapes. It has low potassium and phosphorus and is a good source of vitamin C and vitamin K . One full cup of grapes contains approximately 288 mg of potassium and 30mg of phosphorus. Grapes contain high amounts of fiber and contain low amounts of minerals like copper, manganese etc.
  3. Pineapple: It is one of the commonly available fruits in India. Its a good food for kidney patients. It has low in potassium which helps to lower the blood pressure and contains enzyme that helps to dissolve kidney stones. Also as it is a fiber rich fruit it helps the heart health of kidney patients.It is also good source of vitamin C which help for immune system.

Below are some foods which are bad for kidney patients .

  1. Banana: Although banana is the king of all fruits, it is not good for kidney patients. Specially CKD patients must avoid this food as it has high in potassium contains. Banana contains approximately 422 mg of potassium . 
  2. Orange: Orange has also potassium rich fruit. So patients who have kidney disease must avoid oranges.
  3. Dried Fruits: Almost all kinds of dried fruits must be avoided by CKD patients. As dried fruits are potassium rich fruits, patients should stay away from these fruits to maintain good health.

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