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Polysulfone Membrane In Dialyzers

What is Polysulfone Membrane?

          Polysulfone membrane is a type of synthetic membrane which is used in Dialyzers .The Polysulfone Membrane is highly used in dialyzers.  It is used in various separation processes , including filtration and dialysis. Dialysis is a treatment to extract waste products and fluid from blood, when both kidneys are failed or not working. 

          Polysulfone membranes have a high surface area which makes them highly efficient at separating molecules based on their size. This membrane acts as a barrier allowing small particles to pass on and retaining larger molecules such as proteins and blood cells. This way this membrane can extract waste product and excess fluid from blood and improve patients health.

         Polysulfone membrane is highly used in Fresenius Fx8 dialyzer and Fresenius F6HPS Dialyzer, where Fresenius Fx8 is a single use dialyzer and F6HPS is a multiple use dialyzer. These are the best dialyzers in each class. 

          Overall polysulfone membranes have several advantages, including high permeability, durability which can lead to longer membrane life and lower operating costs. 

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